Ontario Ministry of Children, Community & Social Services– adoption pages. Adoption in Ontario is mandated via the Child & Family Services Act.

Adoption Council of Ontario:   ACO is a charitable organization that supplies information about adoption in Ontario, and also advertises Pathways II sessions.  see:

AdoptOntario: An organization supported by the Ontario govt and ACO to help place children of Ontario who are waiting to be adopted. Also the website supplies information regarding schedule of dates and locations of PRIDE ( Parent Resources for Information Development Education) – a required preparatory curriculum for all adoptive applicants in Ontario. PRIDE is offered through your local CAS if adopting through that agency, or by private practitioners.

Ontario Assn of Children’s Aid Societies (OACAS) – Association representing children’s aid societies of Ontario which also offers some information about adoption in Ontario. As well, there is a page that helps locate various children’s aid societies.

Life Matters- an American organization that supplies information to help parents, if needed, adjust their interactions/approach with their child(ren.) Presently endorsed by Child Welfare League of Canada (see above.) Incorporates Positive Discipline and STEP (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting.)

Positive Discipline  – a healthy approach to effective parenting, endorsed by Child Welfare League of Canada.

Attachment Association of Canada: an association for parents and professionals that focuses on information and services related to attachment challenges of parenting children who, for example, have had significant issues prior to placement, including but not limited to developmental trauma

Information about Parenting Children who suffered early trauma – Though difficult to imagine, many young children placed for adoption have already potentially experienced many episodes of trauma, and the placement into an adoptive home is also a shock.  The more this gets attended to prior to adolescence the better.  There are many resources for assistance in Ontario.    Reference Parentbooks below.  Also see Pathways II above and/or make use of list of Adoption Competent Therapists  (PACT)

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder information:

Parentbooks – a small bookstore in Toronto with an excellent selection of books for parents, children and professionals, as well as a large selection of books re adoption.  See booklists on the website to help you select.