Adoption Services

Adoption services overview

As part of a public service, Peter can provide information and resources pertaining to all types of adoption (International, Private Domestic and Children`s Aid Society, Step-parent adoption.) Peter encourages people considering adoption to be as informed as possible. People approaching adoption can feel overwhelmed, as what initially may have seemed to be a simple straight-forward decision takes on a host of confusing and even conflicting turns.

Peter provides homestudies when a person or couple opt to proceed. Some applicants may be interested in adopting through CAS, some through private means, either domestically or internationally. The applicants may find their plans change during the process upon receiving additional information and/or new insights. In Ontario, a preparatory program (PRIDE) is now required of all people applying to adopt, domestically or internationally. This is intended to be completed prior to the homestudy being finished. It also is an important opportunity to better understand and reflect upon your next steps.

Once a homestudy is completed and recommended for approval, and a search/match for a child has resulted in a placement of a child with the parent, a period of adjustment, known as ‘adoption probation,’ starts. A practitioner, preferably the one who completed the homestudy, periodically visits to assist with adjustments and write a report required for completion of the adoption. This report is submitted to court for finalization. The adoption probation period must be no less than six months long.

After the adoption is finalized in court, post-adoption counselling, if requested, is available. Post-adoption supports/counselling may be needed in light of potential challenges of adopting children who have had difficult/traumatic earlier life experiences, and the parents may need outside assistance to better ensure healthy development. All parenting entails significant learning experiences – adoption is no different in that regard. That being said, adoption does typically present additional challenges.  Please inquire regarding local Post-Adoption Groups for parents.