North Durham Adoption & Counselling Services

NDACS provides group facilitation, adoption, counselling services in the regions of Simcoe, Durham, York, Kawartha Lakes, and Peterborough, Ontario.  NDACS provides group facilitation strategies for effective parenting; and counselling for parents. services leading to and supporting the adoption of children; adopting a step-child or step-children; post-adoption support and counselling services.

North Durham Adoption and Counselling Services is operated by Peter Callens.  Per the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth, he is an approved private adoption practitioner.   He has over thirty years’ experience working with families and their children in different capacities, often with substitute caregivers.  More information about Peter Callens and NDACS…

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For more information:
tel: 905-862-2518
cell: 416-951-2518

NDACS Service Area


*Please note that services can extend beyond the area shown on the map. Please contact Peter to inquire about service provision in areas not covered on the map.